balance, gratefulness & coronavirus

balance, gratefulness & coronavirus

  • April 12, 2020

Balance is challenging in these unique times. In the stillness I am privileged to have in a turbulent world, it is easy to drift…and I know I am not alone in these feelings. It is tough balancing into a “new normal” in the day-to-day, and finding balance mentally.

Stagnant water clouds.

Visions of the future lose clarity.

My heart aches for the grief and instability many wade through at this time.

So many teachings beg of us to understand what we are grateful for at all times of the human experience. Research supports how gratefulness can improve our perceived experiences, our mental and emotional states, and our manifested physical health. All while, ideas of gratefulness have been used to keep the eyes of the disparaged on the ground and away from the stars.

I hunt for a middle ground—a place to be compassionate with aspirations, wishes and wants all the same as a place to swaddle my graces in awe.

Striking balance between respecting my vision of the stars, and my understanding of the ground I am grateful for is always tough. Finding the space in which I assuage the ache for that I do not have with my gratefulness while keeping motivated and hungry for the next…it is not easy.

In this time, I am not too sure what turning away from the waves of aspiration, wishes and desire truly serves for now.

I want to offer myself and any eyes on this text that permission to recognize what might make one feel less than grateful. Embrace it. Hold it with everything we are grateful for in these times…that intentionality and attempt at balance has given me some peace, and I hope it may do the same for others.

Compassion and recognition toward these unprecedented times might just make a difference.

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